Cool Aid

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Kathy Stinson will speak on Cool Aid Services including medical outreach to the unhoused Everyone deserves a home

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Dr. Ed Nissen will speak on Know Your Faults:  Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards of Coastal BC  

Traditional Christmas Tea at the Fairmont Empress

Fairmont Empress Victoria, BC

This 109th year of this Canadian Club’s tradition celebrates the occasion to launch your festive holiday season with family and friends in the historic Crystal Ball Room and with Seasonal Entertainment

UVIC and the Community: Partnering for Positive Change

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Dr. Kevin Hall will speak on the rapid social, economic, environmental and technological change require imaginative thinking and productive partnerships  

Recent Adventures in Astronomy

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Dr. Tyrone Woods will speak on the early Universe, the search for life, and how Canada’s contributions to the James Webb Space Telescope will help answer fundamental questions about both

Speaker and program TBA

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

(We are finalizing a speaker but must wait to make the announcement just yet)

The Future of Monarchy

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Shachi Kurl, President of the Angus Reid Institute, Canada's non-profit foundation committed to independent research, will be speaking to the Club

The Opioid Crisis

Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria, BC

Christine Lapointe,Our Chief Coroner of British Columbia will assess this continuing deadly crisis affecting predominantly our younger population