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Reservation Phone Number:  250-370-1837

Postal Address:  The Canadian Club of Victoria
101 -230 Cook Street
P.O. Box 23023
Victoria, BC  V8V 4Z8

Ms. Susan Haddon        President                                250-590-3856
Ms. Marie McKee           Secretary                                   250-592-7238
Ms. Pamela Shemilt       Treasurer                                  250-479-1045
Ms. Sharon Apsey           Publicity and Membership   250-595-4776
Ms. Ellen Stensholt         Past President                          250-544-1941
Ms. Carolyn Stout           Communications                     250-656-6146
Mr. Brian McMullen      Archives                                   250-813-1954
Mr. Allen McLash           Director at Large                    250-389-1230
Mr. Naz Rayani, CM       Director at Large                     250-598-5776
Ms. Irene McDonald      President Emeritus                 250-477-0009